Sunday, August 15, 2010

राजपुरोहित गोत्र मुन्था

Rajpurohit gotra muntha, / mutha jagiri lands,

In current time Mutha's are an affluent Gotra among Rajpurohits in Rajasthan and their lineage is drawn from Shri Somoji. There are five villages of Muthas: namely Rungari, Pilowani, Vanadar, Ghenari and Shivtalav.Rungari is the oldest village among all five villages and persons of all four villages respects Rungari as big brother,and Shivtalav is at a distance whereas rest four villages share boundaries. These four villages are collectively called Shon/Sansan ( non ruled villages freedom from tax, tax free villages) , which means affluent and ruling class. Rohini Maata is kuldevi of mutha, the temple of Rohini Maata is located in Vandar, From year2009 new construction for RohiniMaata temple started and it may be possible to complete in year 2011.The Maataji temple development started with support of all Rajpurohit from Vandar. Muthas lay great emphasis on education and as a result, there are quite a many doctors and engineers (with a few students from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)). Many of them are into Rajasthan Administrative Service(RAS) and in various government departments. Few have settled in metros and outside India, still all keep in touch and visit their villages quite often. There is a close bounding in Muthas- in fact, They come to their villages from all over to celebrate Holi festival which lasts for a week at these places. Muthas are known in business as well. Woman literacy is very high in this "Gotra" and there are graduates and postgraduates from villages. Locality of these villages is almost same e.g. all villages are situated on the bank of river Sumeri/Bandi at the heart of Aravali Mountain. All villages have similar entrance via 'Perole' means Huge Gate single entrance,and have the temple of Charbhujanath, all villages have large Banyan trees in "akhriya" which give cool shadow to villagers, similar well called "ponaga" and water tank for supply of pure drinking water.

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