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Rajpurohit Historical evolution as a community

Historical evolution as a community

Presently Rajpurohits as a community majorly dwell in the state of Rajasthan in India. There are more than 200 sub-castes of Rajpurohit each associated with one ruling ancient Kshatriya clan or the other. Some of them are Raithala, Sevad , chawandiya , Siya/Siha , Jagarwal, Udesh, Manana, Mutha, Sodha, Rajguru/Rajgur/Rajgar, Raigur/Raigar, Paliwal, Gundecha, Santhua, Panchlod, Sidhap, Udesh/Audichya, Dudawat, Trambkoti, Balvasa/Balocha, Ridwa, Aboti, Joshi, Vyas, Podharwal, Fandar, Daviyal, Kevancha, Sepau, Kesariya, Bakaliya, Makwana, Ojha, Ajariya, Badmera, Sanchora, Titopa, Dadala, Kedariya, Joshi/Jui, Vyas, Radbada & Halsiya.

Each of these sub-castes individually had been Rajpurohit(Royal caretakers/priests) of a Kshatriya clan in India and were in lineage to various ancient Rishis. As a normal practice of those times the marriage relationships between rajpurohit families associated with different gotras was common place. With the passage of time the kingdoms were created and decimated but these Brahmins were woven together in a community named Rajpurohit. Rajpurohit as a community is a group of brahmins who are/were royal caretakers and priests of a Hindu Kingdom in medival times. Over last few centuries, Rajpurohits were inculcated into feudal structure of Rajasthan as they time to time received grants of villages called Jagirs from rulers. Consequently, they came closer to Rajputs in terms of tradition, way of living and customs. Though they retained the Brahminical customes of vegetarianism, wearing of Janeu etc. They address each other as Jagirdars and normally have Singh as their middle name.

Today the members of Rajpurohit community have spread across the length and breadth of the world. The major occupations of Rajpurohits are Farming, Food & Catering, Cloth & Textile merchants and Cosmetics. While many of them have managed to get into prestigious jobs and professional degrees.

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