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Rajpurohit gotra sevad, sevad jagirdar

Rajpurohit gotra sevad

Sevad is one of the major subcaste/gotra of Rajpurohits which envelops about 40 percent of Rajpurohit community. They are Rajpurohits of Rathores and were given Jagirs all over the Rathori States (Marwar, Bikaner, Kishangarh, Idar {Himmatnagar}, Ratlam, kushlghar, Jhabua, Sailan, Sitamau, Alirajpur. Their Gotra is Bhardwaj and Kuldevi is Nagnechay and var devi is Bishasthmata.

It is said that their ancestor Rajpurohit Devpal Dev came to the region of Marwar with Rao Sheoji Rathore from Kannauj. A family known to us as the "Gahadvala" dynasty ruled Kannauj; their best-known dynast was Raja Jaichand, their last king. The Gahadvalas were displaced from Kannauj by the invasion, in 1194 CE, of Muhammad of Ghor.It is said that Rao Sheoji, a surviving grandson of Jaichand, on pilgrimage to Dwarika along with Rajpurohit Devpal Dev around 1272 samvatsari, met a few Paliwal Brahmins at Pushkar. Pali was a flourishing and prosperous trade center en route Persia, central Asia and Middle-East and beyond. It was governed by local brahmins. The Brahmins requested Rao Sheoji to come to Pali and help them get rid of local tribal people and marauding bands, who were harassing and looting them time to time. Rao Sheoji and his fellow men defeated tribal chiefs first and eventually succeeded in conquering Pali from the brahmins as well. This was the first conquest of Rathores in present day Marwar and paved the way for building up of Rathori Raj. Then they expanded to khed near today's Balotra and slowly with time conquered Malani region from local Rajput clans.

Rajpurohit Devpal Dev was given many villages as jagir. The service lent by Rajpurohits to the state was rewarded with more jagiri lands by Rathore kingdom during the course of time.

Main Jagiri villages or Thikana of Sevad rajpurohits are :, Kanodia Purohitan, Dhandhora,Bawri Kalan, Bawri Khurd (Phalodi),Barakhuard purohitan (JODHPUR) ,Bikarlai, Desalsar , kolasar (churu) Kalyanpura(Churu)badabas(osian) Thob(Osian), Barli, Tinwari, Khichan, Kharabera Purohitan, Mehri Purohitan(Sardarshahar), Heyadesar (Nokha), Kisnasar (Nokha), Rasisar (Bikaner), Mohrai, Tunkaliya, Jatiawas, Ghevda, Ghantiyala, Chavandia, Bhavanda, Dhurasni, (Nagaur), Talkia, Rupawas, Chadwas, Dodu (Nagaur), Toliyasar,Dheerdesar Purohitan(Bikaner), Adsar, Kotri Purohitan, Borawar, Kuchaman, (Panchdoliya) which is known as best village for worshiping their kuldevi Nagnechay were every year navrathri function is carried out with full of enthuthisium to see the function and get blessing of maa Nagnechay many people come from different cities to attend the function of maa Nagnechay the people of this village are very patriotic for the sake of their kuldevi, Pachava, Maroot, Purohiton Ka Bass, surayata e, Rajiyasar (ganga nagar), Bhatnokha (Nagour), Narwa purohitan(khinwasar)

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